Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Review

Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Chef Knife Review – 2021’s Crush!

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

In 2020, among the all-new release of a chef knife, Dalstrong shadow black series is one of the top favorite chef knife who already used it. When I decided to write Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Chef Knife review, the first thing come into my mind is about design. The futuristic smart design caught my eyes.Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Review

You might think am I get biased with this knife before using it? hold on a sec. Knife design can attract for a moment but real attraction relies on the real performance of a chef knife. bear with me. I gonna drive deep and bring you the insights of Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Chef Knife Review and bring you the real zest.

What is New in Dalstrong Shadow Black series chef knife compared to other Dalstrong knife?


When I touch the knife first thing comes, what is the black color this knife or why it is black? Because this knife is the high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel made 13.6-inch total length Titanium Nitride non-reflective coating full tang blade. This Coat is kind of non-sticky which makes this knife improved robustness, corrosion resistance which means super handy use.

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If we compare the shape of the blade we find as same as the Shagun series Chef knife. The blade is 2.5mm thin which completely fare.

Dalstrong is famous for its sharpness. Because usually all the dalstrong series knife got an 8-12 degree sharp angle of the blade but Shadow black series got an average 15-degree sharp angle. The matter that will amaze, when you gonna use practically, you will find shadow black series chef knife is more sharper than Other Dalstrong knives. I am going to describe about this more in coming next. Keep Moving.Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Chef Knife Review


Dalstrong shadow black Series most identical part is its steel. Normally Dalstrong used VG 10 or AUS 10V Steel on their knives. But in this knife, they used vacuum treated high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super-steel. High Carbon Steel always gets the advantage of super sharpness. That is why Top Japanese knives set are so sharp.

High carbon steel is often gets rusted but Titanium Nitride non-reflective coating on the surface covered this problem.

Another interesting thing is this knife is so light without any compromise. This knife got 192.1g weight where dalstrong Shogun X got 300g weight.

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Dalstrong Craftsmanship is always appreciated for its design. In Shadow Black Series, Dalstrong maintains ruthless sharpness by their expert craftsmen with excellent edge-retention.

Dalstrong tapered their shadow black series so precisely to ensures the perfect balance between resilience and performance.  The nitrogen cooling intensive heat treatment process synchronizes the hardness and flexibility. 13-inch Full-tang blade for maximum durability and balance.

The design of the handle makes this knife iconic. It not only looks good but also ensures maximum grip and comfortability to be chosen.


  • Heat, cold and moisture Resistance fiber resin military-grade G10 Handle.
  • Ergonomic handle shape for maximum comfort, grip and maneuverability
  •  low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Includes a BPA protective sheath
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Prosdalstrong shadow black series review

  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified
  • Daltrog provides 100% satisfaction or money back guaranty.
  • Super sharp, wear-resistant, hardness is 58 Rockwell
  • Edge angle sharpened to 16-18° per side.
  • Black, non-reflective titanium-nitride coating for corrosion resistance, toughens, non-stick properties
  • Hand-polished satin.
  • Tapered design for Highest hardness with super flexibility
  • Perfect military-grade G10 handle for a comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic design shape for maximum comfort
  • Full tang for incredible robustness & quality
  •  protective sheath is included.
  • Special packaging to gift someone


  • Made in China ( Some people dislike china product)
  • Sometimes it comes with a weird smell.
  • More it high carbon steel, more it tends to be brittle.

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Final Words on Dalstrong Shadow BLACK Series Review

When I would buy this knife? if I answer it simply I would say, if I am a kind of kitchen guy who cooks sometimes, no need hardcore cutting task I definitely recommend this shadow black series. Even though this knife can handle any kind of kitchen stress. still, I will recommend the Shogun Series chef knife for Pro Kitchen guys.


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