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Top 5 Best Japanese Katana Under 100 $ 2021[Unbiased Review]

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2021)

Have you heard the word ‘Katana’? You may be heard about samurai. If you have a little knowledge about samurai then you must know that samurai of Japan used as special sword. This sword is called katana. It’s a Japanese word. Katana (刀) is a sword that was used in ancient Japan by the samurai soldier. It’s a single-edged curved shaped sword with a long handle. The handle is made long to accommodate both hands. 

Katana has changed by the period of time. Each period’s swords are called by different names. The newest sword is called Shinsakuto. It was invented in 1953. In this article, we are talking about modern Katana swords.

List of  5 Best Japanese Katana Under 100 $

Before we get started let’s know what we are gonna discuss in this article at a glance.

  • Why am I talking about katana?
  • Reviews of each katana.
  • The uses of katana.
  • Top 5 katana for sale.
  • Why are they on my top 5 list?
  • Why should you buy one of them?
  • My personal opinion.

Why am I talking about the topic Best Japanese Katana Under 100 $?

To be honest a katana is not a thing you can use daily in your kitchen or other working purposes. It is a piece of art. I am an art lover. So I have some special attraction about Japanese culture. I study them and come to know a lot about Japanese cutlery. Katana is a piece of art. And represent Japanese tradition and culture. Asian culture attracts me. That’s why I got interested in katana.

Handmade Sword – Fully Practical Dragon Samurai Katana Sword

Handmade Sword – Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

Vulcan Gear Classic Handmade Sharp Katana Samurai Sword

siwode Handmade Full Tang Sharp Katana Sword

Ace Martial Arts Supply Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Samurai Katana Sharp Sword

Let’s move to the Reviews 5 Best Japanese Katana Under 100 $: 

1. Handmade Sword Dragon Samurai Katana Sword

Like other art products, Katana needs to make with hands. Our first katana sword of the list is from a company called the Handmade sword. They used hand forging techniques to make katanas and other swords. Japanese sword makers have traditional techniques of sword making. Handmade sword follows those techniques with their experienced and skilled swordsmiths. I would like to say them sword artisan.

The traditional forging method that Homemade sword follows to make their swords that can be either heat tempered or clay tempered. To make this katana they used a heat tempered method. All the swords from Homemade swords are full tang. It is mandatory to be full tanged for a sword. Because a lot of pressure is to be held by the blade. This full tang blade is made of carbon steel. The edge is very sharp and functional.

Katana has a long handle. Because this handle is made for accommodating both hands. A samurai holds a katana with both hands. The handle is made from real wood. But it is covered by ray skin and Japanese cotton threads for the comfort of the hands. Eye-catching designs are seen at the handle and the bolster which separates the handle from the blade.

I found some important reason why you have to buy a Handmade Sword – Samurai Katana Sword.

  • Great piece of art.
  • Lethal beauty.
  • Good quality steel.
  • Perfectly balanced.
  • Good looking handle.
  • Perfect for ninja.
  • No complaints.

Features at a glance

  1. Manufacturer: Handmade sword.
  2. Dimension: Approx 28″ blade 10.6″ handle & overall 41.3″
  3. Shipping Weight: 5.2 pounds.
  4. Steel material: Carbon steel.
  5. Handle type: Long handle.
  6. Handle material: Black piano lacquered wood with Japanese cotton.

In the box

  1. Katana Sword – 1
  2. Black Cotton Katana Bag – 1
  3. Tube Cardboard Katana Box – 1

2. Handmade Sword – Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

Quality comes with perfection indeed. If we talk about best katana which is functional actually this handmade katana sword need to be considered. I know people buy a katana nowadays just because of showcase it. But believe me, there are a lot more people out there who are really passionate about blade want to have a functional katana for them. This katana would be an ideal choice for those people.

You guys will have 33 type of choice for selecting tsuba. But some of you might be thinking what the hall tsuba is? Tsuba is a Japanese word means hand guard. This guard is not limited to the safety of hand but also increase the art of the blade by the different type of design. Each single Tsuba design represents the warrior visionary. In these katana, I will recommend Tiger, Dragon, Warrior, Iron Tsuba Katana blade. Because these are the most popular one!

To Be honest, today’s Katana isn’t that sharp as Japanese professional Chef Knife. It might not even pass the paper test but its sharp enough for any martial art practice like bamboo cutting or something like this.This blade comes in little less sharpen but you can sharpen it like hell if you want because this blade steel has every single quality what an ideal Japanese sword should have. Let’s see what the features of this katana.


  • Fully functional.
  • Handmade full tang Sword.
  • Tsuba and other fittings are  Mostly made of brass.
  • Wooden Handle and Saya.
  • Quality steel.
  • Best value for money.
  • An exquisite piece of art with beautiful handle decoration.
  • Perfect weight and balance.

Features at a Glance

  • Manufacturer: HandMade Soward.
  • Dimension: 44.9 x 4.5 x 4.3 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 5.1 pounds.
  • Steel material: high carbon content steel.
  • Handle type: 10.5″ Long handle .
  • Handle material: Wooden handle wrapped with ray skin and black cotton cord.

3. Vulcan Gear Classic Handmade Katana Samurai Sword

First of all, you have to know about the manufacturer of the katana. Vulcan makes various types of knives. They make kukri knife, machete, ninja swords, katana etc. here I am gonna talk about their Orchid Tsuba katana sword. The quality of this katana is very good and is well balanced, perfect for practice and demonstration. True handmade makes it real katana. Each sword is carefully crafterd featuring a full tang blade which is sharpened

Vulcan makes it with high carbon steel. The blade is full tang. Full tang ensures the strength of the sword.

The construction of the sword is very nice and delicate. This is a pure handmade katana. Sharpened by hands. The handmade feature gives a Katana an elegant look. Every premium products need a hand touch.

Japanese katana sword made from delicate alloy. Nice engraving is seen at the guard part. The guard separates the blade from the handle.

A katana handle is very special. The handle is made from wood. This wooden handle is covered by several things. Each sword features wood scabbard and comes with a 3-piece single sword stand.


  • Pure handmade.
  • Battle ready.
  • Quality steel.
  • Perfectly balanced.
  • Exquisite handle decoration.
  • Perfect weight.

Features at a glance

  1. Manufacturer: Vulcan
  2. Dimension: 40″ Overall in length with Wood Scabbard
  3. Blade dimensions: 28″ Carbon Steel Razor Sharp Full Tang Blade
  4. Steel material: High carbon steel
  5. Handle type: Long handle  
  6. Handle material: wooden handle

4. Siwode Handmade Full Tang Sharp Katana Sword

So far I researched, I found Alloy golden dragon Tsuba Siwode Handmade Full Tang Sharp Sword one of the best katana in terms of steel, Craftsmanship, and sharpness. I can bet that no one can find this type of sharp Katana within just around 100 bucks. yea you heard it right. People spend around 500 bucks to get this kind of sword.

Sometimes people get surprised when they see a katana like Siwode Handmade Full Tang Sharp Sword. Because they think this sword might be a kind of toy before touch it. This was a real serious thing Before a century. But today’s word this just a piece of art and culture.

When a very sharp knife comes with high carbon 1060 steel which is forged by hand comes with 2 years warranty period it really an awesome deal to buy it. Personally, I don’t have any doubt about this blade.

This Blade 100% functional blade you will never have. Bamboo or something else nothing is big deal in front that katana sharpness. If you are looking for full functional Japanese katana sword with limited budget go for it with closed eyes!


  • High carbon steel.
  • 100% functional.
  • Super sharpness.
  • Golden alloy dragon Tsuba.
  • Incredible Japanese handmade flawless finishing.
  • Well balanced.
  • Best quality at best price.
  • 2 Years of warranty period by the seller.
  • The best option for a gift.

Features at a glance

  1. Manufacturer: Siwode.
  2. Dimension: Unknown.
  3. Shipping Weight: 3 pounds.
  4. Steel material: Carbon steel.
  5. Handle type: Long handle  .
  6. Handle material: wooden handle.

5. Ace Martial Arts Supply Handmade Japanese Shirasaya Samurai Katana

Are you love to do the martial art? Planning to practice it regularly. If yes, then this Shirasaya Samurai Katana is perfect for you. Because Shirasaya Samurai Katana is very simple and light blade by nature which is ideal for practicing martial arts. If you are just beginner and want to pay less to buy a good katana this would be an absolutely good choice.

The best thing about the blade is its cheap like a sandwich. Realy it is. Because usually, a Japanese Shirasaya Katana will cost 200-500 bucks. surprisingly Its less than 50 bucks with the great quality.


  • full functional.
  • Super cheap.
  • Resor sharp.
  • Good weight and well balanced.
  • the best katana for a beginner.
  • Marun and Black color variants.
  • Perfect for gift someone.

Features at a glance

  1. Manufacturer: Ace Martial Arts Supply
  2. Dimension: Unknown
  3. Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds
  4. Steel material: Carbon steel
  5. Handle type: Long handle  
  6. Handle material: wooden handle

The use of katana/What can we do with a katana?

In the earlier age katana was a lethal weapon. Japanese soldiers used them as their main weapon in a battlefield. But now the edge of swords as a weapon is over. Now art collectors have interest in katana.

Why are they on my top 5 list?

Japanese cutlery companies many katanas these days for the customers all over the world. I pick best 5 katanas among them according to their size, steel quality, forging methods, sharpness, outlook, handle materials etc. User experience and reviews from different websites also push me to pick those 5 on my list.

Why should you buy one of them?

When you are thinking of buying a single katana from many choices in the market you might be in confusion. To make you easy to find your favorite one from the market I am presenting you different reviews on the best 5 katana for sale. I bet any of them are able to satisfy you in overall. Reading their reviews you can easily pick one to buy.


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A Katana sword is one of the most beautiful and finest swords of all times. It was the sword of the Samurais who were the military people and served the Bushi of Japan. The Katana sword has a slight curve in its blade and mostly features a round guard.


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A katana sword is one of the best and most popular Samurai swords. It is a long and very fine sword. It was the sword of the Samurai who were the military people and used to serve the Bushi of Japan.


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