Shun Classic Chef Knife 8

Shun Classic Chef Knife 8” Review

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

Shun DM0706 Classic Chef’s Knife can make you fall in love with Shun knives. Because it happened to me as I am a user of shun DM0706 classic 8-inch chef knife. It is easy to say that this Shun classic chef knife has become one of the popular choices for chef knives for its average of 4.8 rating out of 5.

If you are an aspiring chef and want to make a chef career, this particular brand should be the best of the choices. Moreover, if you are looking for a pure handcrafted Japanese knife then this is the product for you with its 100-year-old excellence in blade making combined with the latest technology and advanced material.

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  • In-depth Individual parts review of  Shun Classic Chef Knife.
  • Design and beauty this knife.
  • Why you should buy this knife/Pros.
  • Some limitations or Cons.
  • Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).
  • Editor’s opinion about this knife.

Why I Choose this Knife?

Its hard to believe that This Shun classic knife required 100 handcrafted steps to complete the total process of raw materials to finished product. This hand finished knife is made of the samurai sword tradition and is an ideal choice for the use of professional chefs to home chefs. Shun classic chef knives are specially designed for cutting and slicing vegetables, poultry, and fish and are phenomenal in terms of the user experiences. Its 7.41 ounces weight is perfect and well balanced for handling and occurs no problem when cutting ingredients with it. Though it is generally for right-handed people, you can make an order for the customized version of the left-hand use.

It is a solid purchase for anyone who wants to buy Japanese knife first. The 8 inches perfectly shaped blade allows you to cut ingredients and present dishes in perfect shape. This knife is produced using VG-10 stainless steel reinforced with 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel on each side totaling 32 layers. It is super rust resistant. It’s 60-61 HRC scale and 16-degree angle means it can hold sharpness for a long period of time.

Moreover, the D-shaped resin-impregnated hardwood prevents it from twisting while in the grip of hand and maintains a firm grip. The thing that makes the Shun DM0706 classic chef knife special is its superior blade. The authentic Damascus stainless steel was used in making Samurai swords and the core layer of the steel which made of V-gold-10-steel makes it sharper and also carries a lifetime sharpening warranty.

National Science Foundation(NSF) Of USA  makes ‘Shun DM0706 classic chef knife’ safer in terms of hygiene

Shun Classic Chef Knife 8” Review

The Blade of the Knife

The Shun DM0706 Classic chef knife comes with an 8 inches VG-10 Stainless steel blade. Because of the hardness of the steel, the blade is thinner, lighter and sharper. Thinner blades are easy to control in times of action. These kind of blade edges are super sharper and works better for fewer strokes. Moreover, lighter blades are easier to control and handle.

The DM0706 knife blade is created to have a 16-degree angle on each side, which means it has a comprehensive angle of 32 degrees. Compare to the European knives which measure 20-22 degree angle on each side, the Shun classic chef knife is far beyond sharper.

When slicing, Microscopic air pockets emerge due to the cladding process on the blade, so that it diminishes friction. Furthermore, there is a Shun logo engraved on the surface of the blade that makes the blade more beautiful.

The Steel what actually have a serious deal

If you want peak performance from a knife at a reasonable cost, then you should go through the VG-10 steel. The VG(Gold)-10 steel is the heart of the Shun 8 inch classic chef knife. Chefs from all over the world of around 60- 70% quests for the Japanese VG-10 steel for its impressive quality.

It is known for its hardness, sharpness and superior ability to retain the sharpness of the edge. For strength and hardness cobalt is added and for retaining sharpness vanadium is added to this premium steel. From Japan, for cutlery, it’s a high carbon Gold standard super stainless steel. There are a lot of steel available but the cladding steel is unique and VG-10 provides the best of the cladding steels. Moreover, it is super rust-resistant.

The Edge 

You may experience that many of the local knives get dull sooner than you expect. Over time their edges get damaged very badly and you may have to sharpen the edge frequently. Why tolerate these harassments, where there is a better solution from this professional chef knife!

The 60-61 Rockwell Hardness scale of the steel makes the blade harder. As you know, the more the Rockwell hardness scale counts, the harder is the steel and the more the edge of the blade is sharp. Notably, that count of the scale ensures that the edge of the blade holds its stunning sharp edge remarkably. You just don’t have to sharpen your Shun classic chef knife frequently.

The Handle, You will ride on

So, What about your comforts with your knife when cutting from harder to softer ingredients in your kitchen? Besides, the steel, blade, and edge of your knife, the handle is also a core part of your knife. That is the part by which you take your knife in your grip while using.

Obviously, without comforts in handling your knife and not ensuring the hygiene and safety while using, the other efforts you have made will go in vain.

The D-shaped Handle made from laminated Pakkawood is the peak of quality knife handles. The resin lamination makes the handle moisture resistant. Though it seems smooth, you may surmise that it is slippery. But, wait before making any concept without using it.

Moreover, The certification for commercial use in the kitchen from the National Science Foundation(NSF) makes it safer in terms of hygiene. 

Design and Beauty

From design to beauty the Shun classic chef knife will amaze you. The wood grain pattern of the 20cm chef knife comprised 16 layers of the quality folded Damascus steel on both sides and the curved belly not only brings sharpness, hardness but also enhances the beauty of the steel.

Moreover, a Shun cutlery logo on the blade adjacent to the handle increases its beauty. The black pakkawood hardwood impregnated coated with resin further enhances beauty to the already stunning look of this knife. Certainly, design and beauty of the Shun classic chef knife is the piece of real craftsmanship from Japan.

Why should we buy it?

  • Extremely hard, sharp and highly anti-corrosive.
  • So easy for slicing ingredients.
  • Super edge retention quality.
  • Comfortable grip with the D-shaped resin coated handle.
  • Lifetime warranty with the free sharpening service.


  • It costs a bit more than the other comparable knives.
  • Only for right-handed people. But you can order a customized handed blade, which may cost more.
  • Sharpening service is not totally toll-free. You have to pay the shipping cost.
  • 60-61 HRC rated edge is pretty hard.  Carelessness may occur to Brittleness.

Let’s have a Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q:1- How about the weight of this knife?

Ans:- This knife is pretty much lighter than the other German knives. The blade of this knife is much thinner. You can easily handle and balance this when cutting.

Q:2-  How about sharpening this knife?

Ans:- Don’t use an electric sharpener yourself. If need uses a whetstone. But if you are a beginner in sharpening, just send it for the free sharpening service. It will be a much better decision.

Q:3- How do I clean this knife?

Ans:- to wash the knife use a soft sponge and dishwasher detergent or a soap. Then dry thoroughly with a towel, so that water can’t remain on the surface of the blade.

Final Verdicts

There are many brands of knives you can find. But particularly this brand is the one you must adore. Just start using this and you may fall in love with this.

The look, edge, handle of the blade will surely make you love it. It’s lighter weight and sharper thinner blade are the facts you will notice mostly. It is user-friendly to the small-handed people.

You can give this knife as a present to your friend or family who loves to cook. Surely, they will like it and will give you a big thanks. In the end, though it is a little bit pricey, But I can assure you that this Shun classic chef knife will never let you feel down in every aspect. So you are good to Buy Now From Amazon if you really need it and Happy Cooking!

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