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5 Common Kitchen Knife Myths

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2021)

I am not kidding! There are also myths about knives around the world. Here I am talking about the top 5 common kitchen knife myths. These myths are not true but people believe them.

Myth no. 1

Giving a knife as a gift is a sign to cut relationships

This is the oldest myth I have ever heard.

400;”>People think giving a knife as a gift is bad and it indicates that he wants to cut the relationship or turn the relationship into a bitter one. But it is not true at all.

A knife is an essential tool for daily use. Japanese are very serious about knives. Each of their knives represents art and culture.

Myth 2

The sharpness of harder blades are long lasting

It is true that a hard blade can hold a sharp edge.

So it is necessary to a blade be harder to be sharper. But this extra hardness property leads them to brittleness. A brittle material can easily break down. So there is a risk of breaking down the edge.

It can lose its original edge and become dull. So we can say that it is not necessary to be very hard. Necessary is to be resilient. Many Japanese softer blade can hold good sharpness and provides really long lasting durability.  

Myth 3

Dull is safe and sharp is a risk

The logic behind this myth is very clear. We think sharp knives are risky because of their sharpness. Dull knives are safe because they can’t cut well.

But we are wrong. Sharp knife reduces human efforts. It is safe. When you cut something with a dull knife you need to provide more pressure and here comes the risk of displacement. And displacement may occur accident.

Myth 4

Stainless steel knives have weak edges- Most common Kitchen Knife Myths

People always complain about the softness of stainless steel knives. The chromium alloy makes the steel resistance to stain. But it can not hold a sharp edge.

Edge gets dull very easily and it is not easy to re-sharpen a stainless steel blade. But nowadays the proportion of chromium is less used. So before purchasing a stainless steel knife check the date of manufacturing.

Myth 5

Sharpening is not necessary for some knives

Some knife manufacturing company says that their knives do not need sharpening. Their offer looks very good. But when they say it the knife is serrated.

They always say it with serrated knives. Serrated knives can cut while they are dull. But not like the new one. And after re-sharpen, their performance gets better.

Its kitchen knife myths or something else, Myths are myths. Don’t always go after them. This is the age of modern technology. Day by day new things are coming. Knives are not same like they are before. So these old kitchen knife myths are getting outdated. Don’t get bothered to that.


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Portella says

Is stainless steel toxic to humans or it’s just another myth?


    gias says

    stainless steels as iron
    based alloys containing at least 10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1.2%
    carbon, up to 38% nickel as another major
    alloying element and other elements like carbon, sulfur, aluminium, molybdenum, tungsten, nitrogen, copper,
    titanium, niobium, zirconium, cerium, manganese, calcium and silicon. Here Chromium and nickel are toxic for the human body.
    But Overall, Stainless steel is considered safe metal for cookware or daily use.


Belal uddin says

Knives were the Great Product of the kitchen. That product is also great for camping & outdoor. Branded knives can quickly be cutting vegetable other food items.


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