Best Global Knives Review

Top 5 Best Global Knives Review [Honest Review Ever]

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2021)

People who are in the culinary world for a long time, definitely aware of Global knives that are contemplated some of the top kitchen knives in the world. Global knives are reputed for beating all the best knife brands such as Wusthof Knives, Shun Knives, and Dalstrong Knives in terms of quality.

Featuring a unique metal handle and excellent cutting power, these knives are extremely durable with a superlative thin, very fine sharp blade and elegant no-frills design and these are very easy to clean. As every homeowner can afford these knives, it becomes the first choice of chefs.

Before We Go further Let’s check the Top 3 Global Knife

Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef's Knife

Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife

Global 8" Chef's Knife

Global 8″ Chef’s Knife

Global Knife Set - 20 Piece - Bamboo Block

Global Knife Set – 20 Piece – Bamboo Block


Every home cooks are desiring to get a great balance combining with unique aesthetics and excellent comfort and usability and the global knife is the aspiring solution for them.

So, how the global knives cutting down the hours a chef usually spends in the kitchen and holding up the whole market? Catch on through our article.

List of Best Global Knives

  1. Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
  2.  Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife
  3. Global G48 G-48-7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife, 7″, Stainless
  4. Global G-88/101ST block-knife-sets, Silver
  5. Global Knife Set – 20 Piece – Bamboo Block

Global Knives Review in detail

Japanese sword-smiths first expanded a new high art of sword making almost a thousand-year back with the intent of producing a strong and sharp blade for the feared warrior caste Samurai. Going on with the Samurai tradition, the Japanese started manufacturing high-quality global knives using the best raw materials and maintaining a perfect balance in its weighting to ensure a comfort holding for users.

After that, back in the mid-eighties, a creative visionary named Komin Yamada first designed the global knives with the best materials available and the latest manufacturing techniques. And very soon it was revolutionary successful in meeting all the customer’s requirements and it became popular among the amateur and professional chefs because of its comfortable design and easy to handle.

 #1. Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Review

Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is trending among home users and chef’s in Japan and achieved the best selling product title because of its unique design and characteristics. 

Despite featuring a metal handle where other knives usually use softer material like wood or plastic for a handle, Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is very lightweight and its thin blade and sharp edge diversify this knife from other Japanese knives. Its outstanding sharpness gained huge user satisfaction where it comes to slice through vegetables or chopping meats and make a thin slice or cutting fruits. Here is the key feature of Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife.

Key FeaturesBest Global knife in USA

  • An extremely professional knife with sleek design features a very lightweight metal handle which is very easy to hold for consumers.
  • Dimple pattern ergonomic handle is very much comfortable for repetitive slicing with slip resistance.  
  • It is a precisely balanced 8-inch knife made of a combo with molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium called Cromova 18
  • A remarkable razor sharpness straight-edge
  • A professionally crafted knife with standard grip balance 
  • In case of any defects and breakage, it provides a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with free shipping and handling charges
  • Free return policy within 30 days


  • These global knives become its own signature because of its sharpened edge and its large blade is everything to fulfill your needs.
  • Its manufacturing materials are so hard to retain its sharpness
  • Gaining the title of the most successful brands with modest inception, the standards of these knives are extremely high and exacting
  • A perfect choice for a chef’s as it is helpful to reduce hand fatigue and much better than other brands to retain its edge longer
  • As its design is symmetrical, so the user can use it both ways who are  left and right-handed 
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  • There is a claim that it gets occasionally small rust spots

#2. Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife Review

Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife is perfectly fit for cutting all types of meat, fish and vegetables and its beautiful performer while slicing anything. This knife is one of the best among those knives which offer perfect knuckle clearance inboard cutting. An amazing balance between edge and weight gives the best cutting experience and makes it most favorite to chefs.

A knife is considered by its edge and how long it stays sharpened and Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife has both qualities. Its large and prominent edge successfully grapes every naked eye and its lifetime warranty gives a secure purchasing experience to the knife lovers.

Key FeaturesBeat Asian Style global knife Review

  • Made of purely stainless steel combing with high tech molybdenum/vanadium Cromova
  • This 7-inch hollow knife features a razor-sharp edge which is very easy to control
  • Its dimple edge fabricates air pockets to avoid sticking if the food slips away from the blade while cutting
  • The blade is superbly hard with rating 56-58 Rockwell
  • This knife has the perfect balance thesaurus sand for a secure and good grip.


  • Fully rust, corrosion, & stain resistant
  • A professional standard knife and very lightweight
  • It also ensures hygienes for food as well as safety
  • With perfect balance, the performance of the blade is outstanding and it saves time of the larger jobs
  • This knife is perfect for those people who prefer rocker cut rather than push cut
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  • User should avoid cutting on hard surfaces
  • It requires hand wash and hand dry after every use to keep the edge sharpened

#3. Global G48 G-48-7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife, 7″ Review

Formatted with high technology from tip to handle, Global G48 G-48-7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife, 7 is sensational knife crafted by Japanese with traditional European-style. A well-balanced knife to complete big and small kitchen tasks. With extreme durability and slip resistance hollow weighted handle, this knife burst onto the world’s culinary markets. Its hollow handle has a precise amount of sand to maintain a well balanced with its thinner blade. This high polished addition is one of the best knives in global series

Key FeaturesBest global santoku knife review

  • These stainless steel knives are made of molybdenum/vanadium with an acute angle than traditional European-style knives
  • A razor-sharp knife with a very thin blade
  • 7 -inch lightweight knife with good balance
  • Comes with a sharpening guide 
  • Provide lifetime warranty against defects and breakage


  • It is very useful for small-handed cooks 
  • This knife is suitable for beginner alongside pros
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  • Need to pay attention all the time as the blade is very sharp and cut through things very easily
  • It requires hand washing as it is not dishwasher friendly

#4. Global G-88/101ST block knife sets Review

Global G-88/101ST blades certainly satisfy their notoriety. Everyone is extremely contented with them, however, be cautioned – you should be exceptionally cautious on the off chance that you haven’t utilized a genuine gourmet expert’s blade previously! They are fiendish sharp – as they should be. This global knives addition ensures any treated steel item that it offers to be liberated from imperfection in material, development or workmanship under typical use and adhering to the consideration guidelines. 

FeaturesBest Global knife Set for Money

  • The cutting edge is developed of a solitary bit of steel, with a novel raised edge for amazing execution. 
  • Made of empty handles which are then loaded up with sand to accomplish the ideal weight and convey the ideal parity. 
  • Consummately adjusted blades give ideal control. 
  • The sharp edge is made of the best-hardened steel called CROMOVA 18 (Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium), planned solely for GLOBAL®. 
  • Ice tempered and solidified to Rockwell C56 – C58 degrees which hold the extremely sharp edge of the edge longer than some other steel. 
  • Ergonomic, tempered steel sterile handles with signature dimple design offer an agreeable, slip-safe hold.


  • These knives are a great fit into the block and very comfortable in hand.
  • There are another two slots which are open in the block to add other knives in case of necessity. 
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  • The lone issue is with the bundling and conveyance process as they are conveyed with no outside box
  • It does not have any slot for scissors
  • Claimed that the knife block is very upright and little bigger

#5. Global Knife Set – 20 Piece – Bamboo Block Review

With exceptional precision, control and comfort,  Global Knife Set – 20 Piece – Bamboo Block

It is an excellent choice for chefs and home cooks. This is an award-winning addition in Japan and achieves the title of a complete assortment of kitchen cutlery. Most of the cutlery lovers don’t fond of changing knives every year. The people who are very choosy in this matter, Global Knife Set – 20 Piece – Bamboo Block is the fittest choice for them. Global Knife Set – 20 Piece – Bamboo Block is a simply amazing and one of the best knife set.

FeaturesBest Global knife set Review

  • Very sharp edge and these knives are manufactured with one of the finest steels which are ice-tempered
  •  The steel is a combination of Cromova and  18 stainless steel
  • The blade is made of very hard steel (56-58° Rockwell Hardness ) which helps to hold the razor longer
  • Features a dimpled handle to keep a balance in grip
  • A straight sharp edge where blade edge is ground on each side


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  • It is not safe to sharpen these knives at home and you have to use a whetstone or knife sharpener  in that case 
  • Storing in an inappropriate way could be harmful to its edge

How  To Choose the Top Global Knives

Are you planning to buy a global knife? Every knife we reviewed has been redacted and checked. Here we are discussing the main focus before you buy a knife from a global brand.

The first thing that should be considered is price efficiency with a good cutting angle. You can buy a global knife at a quite reasonable price, though we can not say it has the best cutting angle in the market. But their razor-sharp edge can help the knife loves to maintain a good cutting angle. You could find it difficult to hone it if you are a new chef. Apart from the cost efficiency, you have to choose a knife with an oddly-textured surface which is very comfortable to grip and extended use. Last but not least, you should pay attention to find a durable one with rust resistance which has the ability to withstand drops, scratches, and stains.

Some tips Before sharpening a global knife?

  • First of all, you must have a sharpening guide if you are aiming to sharpen your global knives. You can not just use any random process to sharpening. 
  • If you are not good at setting the angle, your blade can get damaged during the sharpening process. The sharpening angle should be accurate.
  • It is true that these knives have very large flat surfaces but these knives are very thin and without extra attention, these knives could break with honing it.

Why You should keep the Global Knives In Your Kitchen?

Anyone who is planning to begin their journey inside the culinary world, The vital issue of anyone who wants to begin the journey inside the culinary world is choosing a good cutlery item on the proper foot. But for beginners, it is hard to spend a lot of money on a high-end knife set at the starting stage in this field. A good sharp edge with a good balance is the most important thing for them which means they need the finest one that fits into their budget and fulfill all the requirements and can be proven as a cost-effective investment. The Global knives brand is the right choice for them as they come into an affordable range and have all the features that beginner and professional would Global knife brand

The sharpness of global knives is out of spell which not only helpful for sharpening the cutting skills but also very safe to use. The most attractive feature which differs from any other brand is their unique textured design of the handles which is very comfortable for use and they always maintain a well balanced between the knife’s weight and their performance. You can use the knife for a long period without feeling any fatigue.

The steels they use to manufacture their knives are pretty solid which reduces the risk of fragmentation if you drop the blade by mistake. So we can consider the global knives as a mixture of performance, low-cost, and durability and it can cover your all necessity rather than  a luxury and it simply an amazing choice for new chefs


How often do you sharpen Global knives?

Before start using the knife, you should just sharpen it slightly and after that, you can re-sharp the knife every six months or a year. But you should avoid sharpening it with a whetstone or similar stone.

Can you put Global knives in the dishwasher?

It is very harmful to put the global knives in the dishwasher as it can damage the knife edge and fade the blade. Inside the dishwasher, the blade edge could be damage due to exposure to extreme heat and powerful detergents. You can just wash it with warm water and dry thoroughly with a towel.

What angle should global knives be sharpened at?

The edge of global knives is razor-sharp and to retain this sharpness, the global knife should be sharpened at an angle between 10 and 15 degrees and it gives a very thinner edge. 

Are Global knives single or double bevel?

The global knives brand has single-bevel or double-bevel both types of knives but most of the knives are double bevel that means you can hone it from both sides of the blade

How to remove rust from a Global knife?

If you find any rust your global knives, just stains them by a plastic scourer and a baking soda paste. Please avoid metal.

How to protect your global knives from rust?

  • Whenever you are done using the knives, wash the knives immediately and dry it with a towel and store it in a dry place.
  • Apart from warm water, you can use washing-up liquid or liquid soap as they don’t contain acids or abrasive substances
  • Don’t leave the knives to soak them in water

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