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Top 5 Japanese Knife Brands is CRUSHING in 2020!

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In Japan, When the era of swords was ended up the sword makers started to produce knives for various uses. Their forging techniques and uncompromising mentality of using the best materials lead them to the best knife brands of the world and still, we found  Japanese knife brands are leading the worlds cutlery industries.

Japan has a tradition of making handcrafted things. In the age of swords and horses, they made a sword called samurai. We all heard about it. Samurai was famous for its steel quality and sharpness.

There are a lot of  Japanese cutlery companies in Japan. Some of them have factories outside of Japan as well. Now let’s move on, what are the best Japanese knife brands? The name of the top 5 Japanese knife brands for a kitchen is given below.Japanese knife brand logos

  1. Yoshihiro cutlery
  2. Shun Cutlery
  3. Tojiro
  4. Miyabi
  5. Dalstrong (Don’t Miss Special Discount)

You guys gonna have An in-depth description of each Japanese cutlery company individually. Other hands we can say Japanese knife brand review! Before starting to read the main article you just need to know which things you are going to know after reading this article.

  • Which materials they are used mostly in making a top-rated Professional chef knife.
  • Strength and manufacturing techniques of each brand individually.
  • Some specialties of each brand individually.
  • Name of some best selling Japanese knives of each Brand.

No. 1

Yoshihiro Cutlery – Most Popular Japanese Chef Knife Brand

Yoshihiro cutlery is one of the oldest knife making company of Japan. They have a history of seven century! Yes, you heard it right. its is seven hundred years! They used to make swords. For the last 100 years, they are making knives.

Their sword smiths gradually became knife smiths. Their techniques of making swords were unique that days and their knife making techniques are the unique present day as well. They make premium quality knives with premium quality materials.japanese knife brands yoshihiro cutlery

Before 2008 they sold knives only in Japan. In 2008 they built a factory in Beverly Hills, California. They offer products for the residents of greater Los Angeles and other peoples from all over the world through their online stores.

Yoshihiro cutlery has 600 selections of knives. Among all the Japanese knife brands they have the most types of knives. They have all knives a chef needs in his master kitchen.

Yoshihiro divides knives into two basic types according to the edge. Single-edged knives and double-edged knives. They make various knives for various uses. Along with some multi-purpose knives, they make some knives for particular uses. Such as deba knife is used to make fish filet. Yanagi knife is to cut sushi and sashimi.

Yoshihiro cutlery has a reputation for using super quality steel in their knives. We see most of the Japanese knife brands use high carbon steel. Which is very hard and can hold a diamond-sharp edge.

Suminagashi blue steel, suminagashi white steel, super blue steel, Kasumi white steel, VG-1, VG-10 are commonly used by Yoshihiro in making their superlative series of knives. Though Japanese steels are not stainless but it can be used for a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Yoshihiro gives Tsubaki oil with many of their knives. Applying this oil to the blades will enhance durability. To sharpen the blade you can send the knife to Yoshihiro cutlery. You can also sharpen your knife by using the proper sharpening stone.

In many knives, you see some designs on the surface of the blade. Those are not bells and whistles. Damascus patterns give the blade a good gliding facility through the food. Foods cannot be stuck with the blade. It also enhances the blade’s durability.  

Japanese knife brands are very sensitive about the handles of their knives. Nothing different in Yoshihiro cutlery they use the premium quality wooden handle. Magnolia wood, shitan rosewood, enju, hiba, yew, ebony are the woods they have used making handles. In some handles, they used water buffalo horn bolster. D shaped, round shaped, octagonally shaped handles are seen in Yoshihiro knives.

Yoshihiro makes precious knives. Chefs love them. Knives from Yoshihiro cutlery can fulfill a chef’s arsenal.

Let’s have look Most popular 5 knives from Yoshiro Cutlery:

  1. Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife 8.25 in (Western style Mahogany Handle)
  2. Yoshihiro NSW 46 layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife 8.25 inch(210mm) Shitan Handle with Magnolia Saya Cover
  3. YOSHIHIRO Ice Hardened High Carbon Stainless Steel Wa Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife 8.25″ (210mm)
  4. Yoshihiro VGYA240SH Stainless Hongasumi Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Chef Knife, 9.5″, Rosewood
  5. Yoshihiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus Kiritsuke Sword Tip Multipurpose Japanese Chef Knife 8.25 inch (Western Style Mahogany Handle)

No. 2

Shun Cutlery – Most Trendy Japanese Knife Brand

Shun is a Japanese word. It means the best and perfect time for a food, fruit or something else when it can deliver the best taste or service. According to the name, we can assume the objectives of Shun cutlery.

Among all top Japanese knife brands, shun cutlery has obtained a special place by their quality productions for 100 years. Japanese cutlery industries are famous all over the world. Seki city is renowned for cutlery industries. It is the home city of Kai Corporation. Kai Corporation is the maker of Shun cutlery. They inspired by the traditional knife-making history of Japan.

kai-shun-japanese knife brands

Basically, shun makes sharp knives. The sharpness of Shun knives will certainly catch your eyes. We all know that sharpness of a knife is equally important like the steel quality. In terms of sharpness, a shun premier knife can easily beat any European knife.  

Like other Japanese knife brands kitchen, Shun cutlery uses the best quality of steels. They use different types of steels to make different types of blades. Aus10A, Aus8A, VG-10, VG-2, VG-max, blue steel, white steel, Kasumi steel are commonly used. Shun makes different series of knives named Classic, Classic Pro, Dual-core, Kanso, Limited edition, Premier, Reserve, Shun Blue, Sora. Shun makes almost every type of Japanese knives (Santoku, Deba, Sashimi, Kanso, Paring, Boning, Kiritsuke, Utility). They give you lots of choices. Sometimes they offer free gifts along with the knife.  

Shun is very specific about the handle of their knife. They use pakkawood handle. Three types of pakkawood are commonly seen. Ebony pakkawood, walnut pakkawood, charcoal & crimson pakkawood. Pakkawood is a combination of natural wood and plastic resin. It is completely waterproof and doesn’t absorb moisture at all. In some special Japanese chef knives, stainless steel handles are used.

Shun cutlery makes some accessories as well. They have beautiful knife blocks, shears for multipurpose uses, cutting boards, graters, fishbone tweezers, electric sharpener, combination whetstone, knife care kit, sharpening system, knife roll, knife case etc.

Overall shun cutlery is very rich with products. Not only with the quantity but also with the quality. Choosing shun’s product will be a wise consideration.

Here This a list of  5 most popular knives from Shun Cutlery:

    1. Shun DM0706 Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
    2. Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch
    3. Shun Classic 6-1/2-Inch Stainless-Steel Nakiri Knife
    4. Shun VB0706 Sora Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch
    5. Shun DM0718 Classic 7-Inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

No. 3

Tojiro- Blended With Japanese Knife and Western-Style Knife

Tojiro is a well known top Japanese knife brand for a kitchen. The company situated in Niigata, Japan. Tojiro japan co ltd is making kitchen knives for more than 60 years.

Tojiro believes modern technology is not enough for manufacturing fine knives. Traditional techniques are equally important to them. They do several consultations with material suppliers and perform millions of trials and experiments to get the perfect procedure.

They have a patented method called DP ( Decarburization Prevention). Many of their products got good design award from the Japanese ministry of industrial trade and industry. They have over 800 products in the market. They are selling products worldwide with pride.

Tojiro japan has divided their products into six different groups.

  1. Western-style knives.
  2. Japanese style knives.
  3. Special knives.
  4. From our atelier.
  5. Kitchen tools.
  6. Whetstone/ sharpener.

In Japanese style knives, they used Damascus steel, Cobalt alloy steel, Aogami steel, Shirogami steel, Molybdenum vanadium steel, Stainless steel.

Tojiro japan usually uses oak wood handles in their Japanese style knives. Oakwood gives excellent grip and a long-time durable nature. A real buffalo horn bolster is attached to the handle. They also use other types of handles but not very often.

Tojiro has a unique series called origami. Origami is a Japanese art culture made of paper foldings. Now origami word is used for every folding art. If you ever have seen any origami art then you can easily find the similarity with Tojiro origami knife with Japanese traditional origami. There are two types of origami. These are ‘origami’ and ‘origami black’.

Tojiro japan co ltd has dealers all over the world. You can get their knives easily from any corner of the world. They have a good support facility. If you want to import Tojiro knives in a large quantity you can contact with Fiji cutlery company limited. It’s a sister company of Tojiro.  

  1. Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″ (21cm)
  2. Tojiro DP Gyutou – 9.4″ (24cm)
  3. Tojiro Bread Slicer 235mm F-737
  4. Tojiro DP Sujihiki Slicer – 10.5″ (27cm)
  5. Tojiro DP Santoku 6.7″ (17cm)

No. 4

MIYABI- A Famous Japanese Knife Brand

Miyabi knife manufacturing company is owned by Zwilling group. Miyabi is a top Japanese knife maker company renowned for their sharp knives.

Each Miyabi knives ensures you three things. These are purity, grace, and elegance. These three qualities make Miyabi knife unique. Like any other quality Japanese knife brands, they also believe traditional knife-making techniques are the key to make quality knives. They also believe a kitchen knife will get the highest level of class with exceptional sharpness, tradition, craftsmanship, and performance.

They have skilled artisans who ensure you finest knives with extraordinary performance. We can tell Miyabi a pure Japanese knife brand because Miyabi knives are designed in Japan, manufactured in Japan using traditional Japanese crafting techniques.miyabi japanese knife brands

Miyabi knives are extraordinarily sharp. To make a Miyabi knife 100 different steps and 42 days are needed. Sharpness is not the only thing. To give a diamond edge the knife should have a very tough and hard kind of steel. As we see they are using four different steel to use different knives.

  • SG2 steel.
  • VG10 super steel.
  • Special formula high-carbon stainless steel.
  • FC61 fine carbide steel.

They have six different series of knives. Those are-

  • MIYABI Birchwood SG2
  • MIYABI Artisan 
  • MIYABI Kaizen
  • MIYABI Fusion Morimoto Edition 
  • MIYABI Red Morimoto Edition
  • MIYABI Evolution

Let’s take a look at the handles of Miyabi knives. They used Masur birch ‘D’-shaped handle, comfortable pakkawood handle, linen micarta ‘D’-shaped handle, western-style three rivet handle.

Miyabi also manufactures some accessories like knife sharpeners & steels, knife blocks & storage, knife shears & scissors.

Japanese knife brands have some identical features and Miyabi cutlery company has all of them. Let’s see top 5 knives from Miyabi:

  1. Miyabi Birchwood SG2 8″ Chef’s Knife
  2. Miyabi Artisan 8″ Chef’s Knife
  3. Miyabi Kaizen 8″ Chef’s Knife
  4. Miyabi Fusion 8 Chef’s Knife
  5. Miyabi Birchwood SG2 6.5″ Nakiri Knife

No. 5

Dalstrong – A New Japanese Kitchen Knife Brand

Among all top Japanese knives brands, I found Dalstrong knives the most beautiful and attractive. Dalstrong provides effective knives with a gorgeous outlook at a very reasonable price. They make knives with modern technology. They are making knives several knives according to chefs demands and undoubtedly they are satisfied.

japanese knife brands

They beat many traditional knife brands in the field of designs and got thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon and it proves that people love them and their concepts of using modern technology and fancy design. They also built a good relationship with their customer by giving them outstanding customer service.

Now let’s have some necessary information about the materials of their knives. We all know that a knife has three important part to look at. The steel, the edge, and the handle.

Dalstrong usually uses VG-10 steel. It is a hard type of steel that can keep a very sharp edge. In many of their knives, they used Damascus pattern on the surface of the blade. Pakkawood handle is usually used by Dalstrong. We see four different series of knives they sell.

Shogun is the most premium series of knives among them. It takes over 60-day process to make a shogun knife. In shogun series there are chef’s knife, bread cutting knife, boning knife, filet knife, kiritsuke knife, Nakiri knife, paring knife, santoku knife, serrated paring knife, serrated utility knife, slicer, steak knife, utility knife, bird’s beak peeling knife.

In infinity series, there are some knives made with ceramic clades. Dalstrong offers an 8-pieces block set under the gladiator series. People love it a lot. Dalstrong also makes honing steels. They have also some whetstones.

Dalstrong has free shipping facilities in the USA and it is very fast. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

Here is the top 5 popular knife from Dalstrong.

  1. DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife – Shogun Series X Gyuto – Japanese AUS-10V 
  2. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Omega Series – VG10-VX – 8.5″ Kiritsuke – Limited Edition Set
  3. DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef Knife – Shogun Series – VG10 – 8.5″ (216 mm)
  4. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife – Shogun Series X – VG10 – 6″
  5. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Shogun Series Gyuto – AUS-10V- 9.5″

Final Words

In the world of kitchen knife brands, Japanese knives have a strong position. Elite chefs use Japanese knives for the perfect cut to make their dishes unique from others.

All Japanese knives are not expensive. There are some Japanese knife brands who sell knives at a reasonable price. There was a time when Japanese knives were not available outside of Japan. But now this is the age of globalization and internet communication, Now you can buy Japanese knives from any part of the world through the online market.

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Philip Deppen II says

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Dalstrong is made in China, you guys are absolutely right. I also mention this in my several articles.
If you just consider the place of manufacturing of this knife, this is not a Japanese knife.
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