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Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife X REVIEW ( Why So Popular?)

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2021)

Dalstrong shogun series chef knife is the best of its award-winning craftsmanship, stunning design and the absolute best materials in it. Put a lion in your hand! This is the flag bearer of the Dalstrong shogun series chef knife. The shogun series is the perfection of Japanese chefs knives.

The knife I am going to review from Dalstrong is a Shogun Series X Gyuto – Japanese AUS-10V – Vacuum Treated – Hammered Finish – 8″. It is a master of mincing, chopping, slicing and dicing with its ultra sharp blade. And it is worth to review also for its affordability. From professional chefs to home chefs have switched to Dalstrong shogun series chef knives for its superior quality, unconditional support and loyal community.

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The shogun series  X gyuto is hand finished in the Honbazuke 3 step method, creating a beautiful mirror polished edge and The tsuchime finish minimizes stuck on food. Moreover, the ergonomic handle design is made for superior control.

The Dalstrong shogun series chef knife has the aim to enhance your culinary creation, whether you are a hobbyist or a pro. Moreover, if you have a friend who is a professional chef, this knife would be the best gift for him ever. For its superior quality, more than seventy-five thousand chefs have switched to Dalstrong.

Everyone looks for the sharpness, longevity, and comforts in cutting in a knife. Where this Dalstrong shogun series chef knife is the best of the knives. 66-67 layers of premium high carbon stainless steel ensure the durability and stain resistance of it.

3 step honbazuke handmade method makes the blade sharper. Moreover, the military grade G-10 Handle is the peak of comforts and life-long durability. Besides, Dalstrong has renowned customer service.  

Here is Detail Dalstrong Shogun Series chef knife Review

Blade Stucture

The Dalstrong X series chef knife has an 8-inch precision forged blade. It Features Dalstrongs exquisite Shogun series Tsunami Rose Blade pattern for striking and stand out Beauty. For improved knuckle clearance and ability to scoop that blade has a Wide height. This liquid nitrogen cooled blade is an ideal for enhanced hardness and flexibility.

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Hammered Tsuchime finish Curtails drag and creates tiny air pockets to lessen stuck on food. Enhanced to comfortable pinch grip the blade has a hand polished spine to a smooth finish. To get a buttery smooth cut through the blade is precisely tapered. On the surface of every Dalstrong Shogun series chef knife blade a dalstrong lion head engraved logo is visible.

Steel Quality

dalstrong shogun series chef knife2

The Dalstrong shogun X series knife blade is made from ultra-premium Japanese AUS-10V super steel. It is the wonder steel of its time. The composition of VG-10 and AUS-10 are very similar. They are both high carbon stainless steels with the mix of a bit of Vanadium. Both are the best of steels. I consider them interchangeable.

Moreover, 66-67 layers steel cladding provides incredible strength and durability. Rust and corrosion resistant cladding define knifes cleanness and longevity.So, the Dalstrong shogun X series chef knife is the ultimate steel for ultimate performance.


The edge retention of a steel depends highly on how hard the steel is. The higher the scale the harder the steel. A harder steel will hold the edge better than the softer steel.

A harder steel with a Rockwell hardness scale of 58-62 will hold the edge for longer. So, we can say, the Dalstrong shogun X series gyuto knife has an incredible edge retention. Using the traditional 3 step Honbazuke method with staggering 8-12 degree angle edge per side, it is ruthlessly sharp.

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3 step Honbazuke method with 8-12 degree angle edge per side makes this Shogun X Guyto SUPER SHARP!

Handle (Confort and Control)

The Dalstrong shogun series chef knife is made of military grade G-10 handle for life-long durability. G-10 is the designation for a glass-based epoxy resin laminate. Because G-10 is not electrically conductive, it is used in electronics and printed circuit boards.

The glass of fiber makes the G-10 tougher. G-10 is impervious to water and wetness. The laminated material is super durable and it comes in a plenty of colors. So, customers can choose their product from different colors, sizes, and shapes. Let us see the features of G-10 :

  • The lamination of fiberglass and epoxy resin makes it super harder and a plastic-like material.
  • As the epoxy resin, the fiberglass can be in different colors.
  • The G-10 needs very low maintenance. The epoxy resin doesn’t rust or oxidize, doesn’t become brittle.
  • Highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture, Superior hand control and non-slip grip make the handle of the Dalstrong Shogun X series chef knife the peak of comforts and durability.

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Design and Beauty

dalstrong shogun series chef knife2

Certainly, we love to bring comforts while cutting by the way to behold a knife. So, the Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef knives just do the rest. From the tip of the blade to the tail of the handle the X series gyuto is the peak of stunning design and beauty.

The hammered tsuchime finish on the surface of the blade not only reduces drag on food but also shows a beauty of craftsmanship. Moreover, Dalstrongs exquisite shogun series tsunami rose blade pattern also augments its beauty.

The smooth finish of the spine of the blade ensures pinch grip comfort. Citable difference from the other knives, the Dalstrong Shogun series chef knives have a logo of a lion head engraved on the surface of the blade. Furthermore, the intricate copper mosaic on the handle surface increases its beauty more.

Here is a list of some of the pros of the Dalstrong Shogun gyuto series chef knife:


  • The hammered tsuchime finish of the blade creates an air pocket to reduce stuck-on food.
  • This 62+ Rockwell and AUS-10V super steel is ultimate rust-resistant and has superior edge retention.
  • Handling this knife feels so comfortable with its perfect balance and the full tang provides maximum robustness.
  • Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the longevity and durability of the handle. Because here dalstrong provides the best of the military-grade G-10 handle that is more heat, moisture and water-resistant.
  • Now there is another significant benefit from Dalstrong. The dalstrong trust provides 100 percent satisfaction or cash back guarantee. Another lifetime warranty for any defect. The chefs all over the world trust Dalstrong because of the renowned customer service. So, just try it risk-free.

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400;”>This knife has a 91% of 5-star review on the Amazon. But, certainly, it has some characteristics that will not fulfill someone’s expectations.

  1. If you are looking for a real made in Japanese knife then this is not for you. Though these knives are made in China, they have the quality comparable to the Japanese knives.
  2. The 62+ Rockwell steel is harder steel and more brittle. So, it should be used with such care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:1 – Where is it made?

Ans – Dalstrong Company was formed in Toronto, Canada and they gave the contract of providing steel and making knives to China. But compared to the Japanese knives these are the best.

Q:2 – Which grit stone is good for sharpening this knife? Is it ok, to use an electric sharpener?  

Ans – This is the finest Damascus steel. You would not need to sharpen it very often. Even if you need you should go through a #6000 and a #1000 grit Japanese wet stone. If you don’t want to grind the knife to a different angle you should not use an electric sharpener.

Q:3 – Are these dalstrong shogun series chef knife are made to be ambidextrous?

Ans – yes! They are. You can either use the knife left-handedly or right-handedly. For both sides, they remain same in terms of comforts.

Q:4 -What is the difference between VG-10 and AUS-10V?

Ans – The AUS-10V steel contains a mixture of nickel and other elements, which VG-10 does not have. NIckel enhances the toughness of steel. Moreover, a vacuum heat treatment is also added to the AUS-10V for more durability than the VG-10.

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Final Words

From professional to hobbyist chef everyone wants the best knives from all aspects. This Dalstrong Shogun series chef knife is a piece of art and real beauty in the professional level.

It will start to amaze you from noticing the packaging. Its packaging shows the quality of the Dalstrong. The hammered pattern of the blade and fairly close to razor sharp edge will overflow your expectations. Moreover, the quality of the construction of the full tang knife is robust with the military grade mosaic polished, comfortable and durable handle in your grip.

In final words, why everyone appreciates a knife? Just take a try. If you can use it with care, it will last for a life-long. Even if it can’t satisfy you, the renowned Dalstrong customer service is always there for you with the money back guarantee and a life-long warranty!


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terry says

I just purchased this Shogun 8″ chef knife, and with all the raves about the knife, someone should have made it clear that this is a CHINESE MADE KNIFE! I use Shun, high end, love them all, thought, with the raves about the ‘JAPANESE’ knife, it would certainly be MADE IN JAPAN!


    gias says

    Hey Tarry,
    we already mentioned Dalstrong is made in China but its quality is comparable to a Japanese knife. Because they use imported good quality Japanese Materials.
    You might miss my review’s CON. I clearly said that. Not only here I put this information in many different articles.
    I hope you had a good experience with this knife.
    Thanks for sharing your thought by the way!


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    gias says

    Thanks man


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