Japanese Knife Reviews

The Ultimate Reviews of Japanese Knives and Tools

There are thousands of Japanese kitchen tools and hundreds category of Japanese knives. It’s pretty hard for anyone to find the right one for himself. Here we gonna crack most category of Japanese knives and present you the in-depth review of each item.

Japanese knife is not just a kitchen tool, Its a piece of Art which values thousand years of Japanese Tradition.”

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A Good Kitchen/ Chef knife must have following three features

Japanese knife reviews sharpness

Super Sharpness

A dull knife is nothing but a disaster for a kitchen. All we know what sharpness means but super sharpness? It means that knife will cut so effortlessly that feels like gliding on silk!

Japanese knife reviews edge-retention

Sustainable Edge Retention

Who wants to sharpen his/her kitchen knife so frequently. I guess no one. So everyone needs sustainable edge retention to use their kitchen knife for a long period in less sharpening. 

Japanese knife reviews usar-experiences

Best User Experiences

Yea that’s what a Kitchen knife need to have ultimately. It actually depends on a lot of things like materials, shapes and of course super sharpness and good edge retention. Combined all these things give the best user experiences.


Why Japanese Knife Reviews?


Like I said Japanese knife is all about our passion. So we thought, why don’t we make our passion someone’s information for good. Then here we go. Here we are gonna present true, unbiased and in-depth reviews of Japanese knives and related tools.

  • In-depth information on Japanese kitchen knives and tools.
  • in-depth and unbiased reviews of Japanese knives and tools.
  • Focus on user experiences and limitations of the eatch item.